Host Grief Yoga
Experiential Workshop

Host Grief Yoga Experiential Workshop

Have Paul teach an Experiential Workshop for your group.

Paul Denniston, creator of Grief Yoga, leads experiential workshops that connect mind body and spirit.

These workshops can range from 90 minutes to a full-day.

Whether it’s your first time doing yoga or you’ve done it many times, this workshop is for you. These workshops can be done from a yoga mat or a chair. This isn’t about physical flexibility, but about emotional liberation.

Workshop Descriptions

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In life we experience loss. Sadness and anger can get stuck in our mind and body. Grief Yoga blends movement, yoga, breath work, and vocalization in ways that help one process and release pain and suffering from the mind and body. In this uplifting workshop—through Grief Yoga, meditation, dance, and even laughter—you will experience and learn the following:

  • Awareness of where unresolved grief, anger, and resentment live in the mind and body.
  • How to move, express, and release the suffering in a compassionate empowering way.
  • Techniques to bring more joy, love, and gratitude in your life after loss.

For: Therapists, health care providers, yoga teachers and students, and anyone experiencing loss.

After a breakup, we often experience disconnection and isolation. And yet following a heartbreak can be a sacred time of transformation. The path toward healing requires us to express and release the pain not only through our thoughts but also through the body so we can lift our spirit. It’s possible to make something beautiful from this loss.

  • Develop compassionate awareness of the struggle you’re experiencing and identify where you’re holding the pain in your mind and body.
  • Let go what is no longer serving you. Express and release the anger, and hurt. Break free from old habits and patterns to discharge the pain through your mind and body to lift your spirit.
  • Create and welcome a new chapter. Envision a hopeful path. Support this vision with your mind, body and spirit. Become the person you’ve been searching for. Connect to your warrior strength.

For: Anyone who is dealing with heartbreak, whether it was 5 months, 5 days, or 5 years ago. Ideal for therapists, coaches and counselors who are looking for new tools to work with their clients.

In our process of recovery, there are many painful emotions beneath the surface. We may want to avoid the pain or try to think our way out of the problem. But when feelings aren’t fully expressed, they get stuck in the body.

If these issues aren’t expressed, it can lead to ongoing struggles, anxiety, depression, and relapse.

  • This empowering workshop will help you address the struggles in the mind, express and move through the shame, guilt, sadness and regret to release them from the body and develop a deeper spiritual connection to a power greater than yourself.  
  • Through connection to self and others, we create the safe space to release and let go of the pain through movement, sound, yoga, journaling, and connection techniques.
  • Begin a new path to recovery on a whole new level and learn some powerful tools that you can integrate in your daily recovery practice. Develop ways to find more liberation and joy in this new empowered path to recovery.

For: Anyone recovering from any addiction and also for counselors and sponsors who help.

Anger is a natural human emotion. Suppressed anger can lead to anxiety, outbursts, guilt, emotional shutdown, bitterness and dis-ease. The challenge is to learn to identify the anger, acknowledge it, feel it, and let it move through us in a healthy, non-violent, productive ways. Anger channeled in this way has the potential to create a breakthrough in your life to create a positive transformation.

  • Awareness of your relationship with anger and understanding where the fire lives in your body and mind.
  • Empowering way to express, channel, dance and release this heated energy in healthy ways for a powerful transformation.
  • A deeper understanding of the hurt and fear beneath the surface and ways to compassionately wash away the resentments and pain.

For: People who want to channel their anger in positive ways.

Caring for people can be our greatest gift. When we take our work home, we can feel drained and uninspired. It’s normal to feel burned out from being compassionate all the time. You can make a difference in the world without it leaving you feeling empty.

  • Identify tools of how you leak your energy and power away in your work and develop compassion fatigue.
  • Embody ways to express and release the struggle to find empowerment.
  • Prevent yourself from feeling empty and refuel yourself with passion, joy, and liberation.

For: Health care professionals, counselors, teachers, nurses, therapists, or anyone feeling compassion fatigue.

Sometimes you need to liberate yourself. This workshop is where joy and fun meet deep and sacred. A blend of flowing yoga, chakra movement, laughter exercises and dance, this workshop is a moving celebration of your spirit. Awaken to your tribal pulse and expand with more connection and joy into your life to relieve fear, pain, anxiety and depression.

  • Laughter, dance, and play can shift heavier emotions such as anger and sadness and add joy to your life.
  • Improve your immune system and experience the health benefits to boost your immune system, relax muscles, balances the nervous system, release endorphins and helps with breathing.
  • The ability to release inhibitions, doubts and fears to improve your self-esteem and resilience and shift your perspective to find more courage and hope.

For: Anyone seeking more happiness, empowerment and joy.

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