Teacher Training


Grief Yoga blends postures, movement, breath, and vocalization in ways that help students to process the grief that follows any loss. This training certifies you as a Level 1 Grief Yoga instructor while also helping you work with your own grief. In addition to learning the Grief Yoga approach to transforming suffering and reconnecting to love, you learn how to

  • Choose appropriate postures, movements, music, and meditations for different Grief Yoga student populations
  • Hold space and guide students through Grief Yoga exercises
  • Design unique classes for relationship losses, divorce, breakups, and death
  • Address the special needs of grieving clients.

Explore different models of grief and aspects of healing after a loss so that you can help others to release grief and connect again to the gift of life.

Upcoming Teacher Training

DATE: August 4 – 9, 2019

LOCATION: 1440 Multiversity

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