Branches of Yoga


hatha yoga
Hatha yoga helps us create balance and grace as we straighten the spine and open the heart. The postures help improve flexibility and strength while creating relief in tight shoulders and neck. The practice eases back pain, improves breathing disorders and heart conditions. It increases body awareness of where stress gets stuck in our body and how to relieve that muscle strain. Hatha yoga helps to sharpen the mind, empower the body, and free the spirit.
vinyasa flow
Vinyasa yoga is flowing and stretching in between postures using synchronized breath. This style blends breath to movement in a smooth way that flows together to become like a dance. The focus on breath becomes an important as you move from one pose to the next on an inhale or an exhale. A flowing meditation with a connection between movement and breath.
kundalini breath of fire
Kundalini breath work is a tool to break through feelings of anger, regrets and betrayal. Using breath of fire exercises, you can move through emotional blockages of pain and grief to awaken to more compassion and peace. Using Kundalini breath of fire and movement will help you to break free from the chains that bind you. Pull out the weeds of fear and loss in your life and plant seeds of forgiveness. By embracing forgiveness of another person or your own self, you open yourself up to a greater divine love.
Dancing is magical. Surrender to letting waves of sorrow flow off your body. Shake off any “what if” and “should have” you have in your mind and body and move through the sadness. Dance through your sorrow and pain and raise your vibration. Move in the freedom of your own self expression and embrace in the celebration of life. Dancing has immense healing power.
laughter yoga
It’s difficult to laugh while grieving, but Laughter Yoga exercises along with deep breathing helps to change the mood state so you can view the situation differently. Laughter reduces stress and helps you feel more energetic. Laughter can have the same benefits as tears. This cathartic exercise will help release pent up feelings and open yourself to being more emotionally balanced.
restorative yoga
Restorative yoga is a series of nurturing postures that are a gentle approach to stretch and calm the body and quiet the mind. A restorative practice can be deeply healing for those dealing with trauma. The practice allows your body to ease into a pose and remain there for a longer period of time. Embracing postures to bring in more relaxation with the intention of a gentle ease and healing. As you find recovery, explore a place of discovery. Take a nurturing inventory of your feelings and thoughts within. Love your grief and realize it is there to heal the pain.